Aries Zodiac Report

Aries Zodiac Report


Watch out world: it’s Aries season! The time has come to lean into your main character energy and take the world by its… paws.  As most Aries know, living life with high energy and determination will make things much more fun. Another way to ramp up the fun in your life? A new four-legged friend! As an Aries, you may have a hard time determining what dog breed matches your lifestyle, needs, and overall vibe. Whether you want a pup to match your zest for life or one that will encourage you to relax a little more, we have a few breeds for you to consider.

German Shepherd 

Have you ever had anyone tell you that you’re intimidating? So has this breed! German Shepherds are confident, natural-born leaders that make their presence in the world known (sound familiar?). These dogs are great companions for adventure and have enough energy to keep up with you. GSDs are eager to learn and highly intelligent, making them ideal for more advanced training. They can be overprotective, so be sure to socialize 

Border Collie

While less intimidating than some other breeds, a Border Collie has energy for days and is always ready to tag along. This breed is the perfect hiking companion, running mate, and fetch player. Often considered the most intelligent breed, these pups thrive when they can work their body and their brain. Obedience training and agility courses can keep your pup engaged, preventing them from becoming destructive. If you’re looking for a companion that can always keep up, a Border Collie is a great option.

Jack Russell Terrier

Maybe you’re on the hunt for a big personality in a small package. Look no further! A Jack Russell Terrier is a dog that packs a punch with its high intelligence and unwavering energy. JRTs are great partners for physical activities and their fearlessness matches well with Aries's bravery. This breed does require a lot of stimulation and exercise, having a tendency to become destructive and very vocal if left to entertain themselves.

Golden Retriever

If you feel like you have enough Aries energy on your own, consider including a pet that balances you with a more calming presence. A Golden Retriever is a fast friend to all, loves an adventure, and is more than happy to spend an afternoon lounging around. With this pup’s ability to relax, an Aries may be encouraged to slow down and tap into a more mellow side of life. Although more settled than other breeds, your Golden Retriever will still benefit from being exercised between naps and a good cuddle.

Shetland Sheepdog

Another incredibly intelligent breed, Shelties are a great match for your Aries's mind and energy. Often used as a therapy dog, this breed can turn on the energy when it’s time to have fun but is also a calm companion that can balance the Aries drive. Smart and eager to please, Shelties love agility practice and obedience training. This is a great breed for the Aries that wants a steadfast adventuring pal with a temperament that is much more easygoing.