Custom Cat Portraits


West & Willow custom cat portraits are the perfect addition to your modern decor and make for a personalized touch to your gallery wall. Printed on gallery-quality paper and shipped ready-to-hang. Start creating your cat portrait here.

Our custom cat portraits are created in four easy steps. 
1. Choose your template - we offer portraits of just one cat, two cats, or up to three cats in one portrait.

2. Choose your background - our core colors are charcoal, soft white and dusty pink. But be sure to check for our seasonal limited edition backgrounds as well.

3. Select your frame option - with three sizes (8x10", 12x16", and 18x24") in black, white or walnut frames and the same sizes in poster only.

4. Submit your order and let our artists do the rest. Most orders arrive within 2 weeks of placing your order.

Start creating your cat portrait here.




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