Best Dog Mom Gifts Money Can Buy

Best Dog Mom Gifts Money Can Buy

Proud dog moms love their fur babies and do everything they can to provide a happy, healthy life for their pups. However, they often neglect themselves and need to be pampered and cherished from time to time. If you are looking for special dog mom gifts, it’s best to choose something they will enjoy and remember for years to come.

Here are the best dog mom gifts money can buy:

Dog Portrait

The good news is buying gifts for dog moms doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. You might have already spent hours, days, or weeks looking for the perfect gift but it can be something as special as taking a favorite photo of her dog and creating a portrait. Dog portraits companies like West & Willow make it easy to turn a snapshot into a meaningful and beautiful portrait that every dog mom will love!

You might have to be a bit sneaky when it comes to capturing or obtaining a picture of the special dog. Sometimes you can just as a dog mom to send you a cute picture just because you think their dog is adorable. Then you can use it to create a portrait. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure you choose a photo the dog mom loves.

Sometimes you might have to quickly take a few pictures of the dog the next time you visit the dog mom. However, if you live in the same household as the dog and mom, you can take plenty of pictures and choose one that comes out the best.

When choosing the right photo for the portrait, try to find one that reveals the dog’s true personality. Dogs make plenty of different facial expressions and pose their bodies in different ways. The most popular portrait picture choices are dogs that are smiling, laughing, or making a fun or interesting expression. Your goal is to find the right picture that will make a dog mom happy to see every day.


Picture Frame

A simple picture frame might sound boring as a gift for a dog mom but you can kick it up a notch when you get the frame customized. There are plenty of opportunities online to get picture frames engraved with meaningful words. You can have fun choosing special words for the engraving such as “Mom’s Favorite,” “Boss of the House” or the dog’s name. The words or phrases you choose needs to be special to make the gift meaningful. Also, including a picture of the dog in the frame is essential to creating the best gift for a dog mom.

The style of the frame can be silver, gold, colorful or unique. The goal is to create a customized personal frame that the dog mom will be happy to display anywhere in their house or office.


Beach Day

Does the dog mom love to go to the beach? You can plan a day at the beach and bring the dog along. Make the day extra special by bringing along a picnic breakfast or lunch that includes the dog mom’s favorite foods and drinks. She will enjoy a day splashing around in the water with her fur baby and soaking up the sunshine!

You can surprise the dog mom by taking her to a luxury beach resort that is pet friendly. Make it an overnight stay or as long as she wants to make her feel cherished.


Boat Ride

Create a dream vacation as the perfect dog mom gift. Rent a pet-friendly boat or yacht for the day or weekend and enjoy the sea. Pack snacks and drinks or have a personal onboard chef serve delicious food including homemade doggie treats. You can make the trip more interesting by arranging a port of call to a dog-friendly island or destination. This extravagant dog mom gift will surely make her happy!


Spa Day

Every dog mom needs a day of relaxation and spa treatments to rejuvenate. Gift your favorite dog mom with a spa day with her fur baby! There are spas located around the nation that welcome dogs and their owners.

Popular services at pet-friendly spas include the following:

  • Luxurious accommodations (for owners and pets)
  • Massaging baths (owners and pets separately)
  • Nail treatments (owners and pets)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Deep coat conditioning (dogs)
  • Pawdicures (dogs)
  • Manicures and pedicures (owners)
  • Deep tissue massage (owners and dogs)

Luxurious pet spas cater to dog moms and their fur babies so they can get pampered together on a spa day, weekend or vacation.


Dog Inspired Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! This popular saying doesn’t include that each piece of jewelry a woman owns is meaningful. The best jewelry a dog mom can receive is one that reminds her of her fur babies. An excellent choice for dog moms with more than one dog is a ring with colored gems that represent the birthstone for each of her fur babies. She will proudly wear this ring on a daily basis or use it for special events in her life.

Necklaces with a dog-shaped charm that includes diamonds or gems are a spectacular way for her to keep her pup close to her heart all day, even when she’s at work. Popular pendants include a paw print, the outline of a dog lined with diamonds, and personalized charms with the dog’s face sketched and the name engraved on the surface. Gold and silver necklaces are high in demand when it comes to pet jewelry.

A charm bracelet is an excellent option since more charms can be added throughout the years. You can purchase a bracelet that holds charms and choose the right ones to suit the occasion. For example, a charm shaped like a dog or a paw print is a great way to start a tradition of gifting a new charm for each new occasion.


Shopping Spree

Are you still not sure what gift to buy the dog mom in your life? One of the fail-proof gifts is a gift card to her favorite store. A fun-filled day shopping at her favorite stores is a great way for her to feel pampered and happy. You can also include a gift card to a local pet-friendly coffee shop or restaurant so she can enjoy a day of shopping and dining with her pet.


How to Choose the Best Dog Mom Gifts

Since being a dog mom is such an important part of a pet owner’s life, finding a gift will take careful thought and planning. Here are helpful tips to help you choose the right gift for the dog mom in your life:

  • Is it a holiday, birthday, or anniversary of adopting a dog? Your goal is to find a special gift that will be memorable and long-lasting like jewelry or a portrait of their dog. For example, if it’s the dog mom’s birthday, have a portrait of her dog wearing a crown or birthday hat made as a gift for them to cherish.
  • Sentimental dog moms tend to lean towards jewelry as a sweet way to keep their pets close to their hearts. Choose a dog-inspired necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, or key chain they can use daily.
  • Spa vacations are an excellent way for a dog mom to get away from daily stress and relax side by side with their fur baby. Gift the dog mom in your life with a spa resort vacation filled with relaxing massages, manicures, and facial treatments to help make her feel extra special.
  • Is the dog mom in your life adventurous? Rent a boat or yacht and enjoy a day or more at sea. Plan to visit a pet-friendly destination that has a beach to explore and enjoy a picnic.

The best dog mom gifts are those that come from the heart. Take your time to think about how you can make the occasion extra special. Also, think of the long term when you plan to buy the same dog mom a gift. For example, a charm bracelet will allow you to add a new charm over the years. This prevents you from needing to think of a new gift for every occasion.

However, if you enjoy giving a new and exciting gift to the pet mom in your life, choose something adventurous. For example, a picnic at a pet-friendly beach, a boat ride, or a spa day is an incredible way to show someone how much you respect their role as a dog mom.

The most important part of gift-giving is to stay within your budget and plan for future gifts in the future. Make reservations at luxury resorts, spas, and boat rentals early to ensure everything is set to go on the day you present the gift.

Also, remember to include anything the dog will need such as a doggie life jacket for beach days and boating or a travel crate to reach a luxury hotel and more. Start planning the best dog mom gift today!