Cancer Zodiac Report

Cancer Zodiac Report

Cancer Breeds 

Cancer season means we’re tapping into our more sensitive sides and deepening relationships with our favorite people. With all this inward focus and emphasis on feelings, the Cancer may want to introduce a new four-legged friend to the mix. Focusing on breeds that are protective, loyal, and sensitive to others’ emotions can make for a truly dynamic duo. Here are a few of our favorite breeds that embody Cancer characteristics.


This dog originally bred for coursing and racing is a gentle and intelligent pup that enjoys the company of humans. Great for quiet environments, the Greyhound has a soft spirit and does well with gentle commands. Unlike many other dogs of their size, Greyhounds are great apartment dogs due to their calm temperament and little need for exercise. This is the perfect pooch to hunker down with for the homebody Cancer.

Old English Sheepdog

Cancers that are couch potatoes will love this amiable breed. The Old English Sheepdog is smart and adaptable, letting them easily pick up on their owner’s feelings. Often described as goofy, this breed thrives with the love and attention of human companionship. As long as they get enough exercise, the Old English Sheepdog can do great in suburban living and make a great friend to binge Netflix with.


Looking for a dog as loyal as you are? Look no further than the Havanese! These furry friends tend to attach to one person closely and are satisfied when their owner is satisfied. These “velcro dogs” are known to go everywhere their owner goes but is still happy to just explore the comfort of your own home. While they do need a fair amount of exercise, their small frame means their needs can be met in a house or small yard.


Certainly the most energetic of this list, the Weimaraner does require a lot of exercise that may force a Cancer out of their comfort zone. On the other hand, the sleek pup bonds intensely with its owner and doesn’t want to be left alone. Very people-oriented, this pup is best for Cancers that spend most of their time at home or in pet-friendly places.  When given enough opportunity to stretch their legs, the Weimaraner makes for an incredibly loyal and creative companion.


Large and intimidating, the Bullmastiff is much more mellow than you’d expect. A fierce protector when needed and a loving companion the rest of the time, these low-key dogs are more than happy to hang out in an apartment or small yard so long as they get a few good walks in. The independence and silly nature align perfectly with the Cancer crew.

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