Dog Breeds as Interior Design Styles

Dog Breeds as Interior Design Styles

Is it true that dogs look like their owners? We’re not sure about that, but we do know that certain dog breeds totally represent specific interior design styles. Mid-century modern with Bull Terriers or ArtDeco with Italian Greyhounds, some dogs are just perfectly reflective of the homes they live in. Here are some of our favorite dog breeds/interior design matches:

Farmhouse / Beagle

You don’t have to look far for the shiplap and barn doors of the modern farmhouse design. This style, inherent in mixing materials and leaning into a connection with nature, brings a sense of comfort while still full of character. Beagles align well with this interior design with their even temperament and gentle disposition. With the ability to put you at ease quickly, a Beagle makes everywhere feel like home. Can you imagine anything cozier than baking cookies with a beagle napping at your feet? Yeah, us either. 

Industrial / Rottweiler

With exposed brick or beams and lacking a soft or gentle vibe, an industrial interior design brings great personality but can be a little intimidating. These spaces needed a clear leader in style to create a cohesive area and thrive with cozy textiles to enhance the contrasting textures. Is there a dog more in line with this than a Rottweiler? Often perceived as intimidating, Rottys are self-assured with a sturdy build but are in need of a definitive leader to guide them. Their good-naturedness and devotion are just like cushy textiles for the industrial interior design style: a perfect way to cut through any rigid exterior.

Minimalist / Saint Bernard

Minimalism found a huge surge in popularity after the Marie Kondo era. People were ready to downsize material items, stick to clean lines, and lean into empty spaces. Minimalistic spaces are uncomplicated and provide a sense of calm in the overwhelming world. When you first think of Saint Bernards, the word “minimalist” probably doesn’t come to mind, but hear us out! These gentle giants have the calming effect on people that minimalistic interior design does. With their patience and natural desire to be a companion, the energy that a Saint Bernard brings to a home is easily matched by minimalism.

Maximalist / Boxer

Being extra has never been more celebrated than with maximalist interior design. Layering patterns, bright colors, and plenty of objects has helped give those with eccentric tastes a name for their style. If you’ve ever met a Boxer, you know that their fearless and lively nature makes them an incredible match for Maximalism. These headstrong pups know what they like, have complex and layered personalities, and let their personality speak for them.

French Country / Papillon

This sophisticated style comes as a blend of other styles - antique styles with modern touches. The juxtaposition of a Louis XIV chair with modern upholstery is a perfect indicator of this fluid style. The look and general temperament of a Papillon just oozes French country interior design. The butterfly-like ears give an air of formality while their friendly nature makes the more approachable. This breed is incredibly intelligent and more sensitive to the behaviors of humans. Much like the French country interior design, a Papillon will keep people on their toes with sophistication and whimsy. 

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