Dog Decor Ideas for Home: Show off Your Best Friend

Dog Decor Ideas for Home: Show off Your Best Friend

Dog lovers know that it’s not hard for others to see that you’re a dog person. From the stray dog fur, also known as dog confetti, to the subtle hint of eau de canine (you may not be able to smell it, but trust us, it’s there), it’s definitely hard to hide the existence of your pooch.

While it’s nice to be reminded of your fur baby whenever you’re cleaning the house, especially during shedding season (we mean this in the nicest possible way), wouldn’t it be better if mementos were something that makes you happy to look at? We’ve got some dog-themed home decor ideas to elevate any space and balance utility and appearance.

Dog-Themed Home Decor Ideas

Dog Wall Decor Ideas

If you’re just looking to spruce up plain white walls or trying to make your dog’s room his own, here are some wall decor ideas that are functional and fun!

Personalized Pics

Perhaps the easiest idea is personalized pics! Take your favorite photo of your dog, maybe one with you in it as well, and make it your own. There are so many apps and photo editors online where you can add cute stickers, texts, and filters to make your pooch stand out. Place it into a suitable frame, and voila!

Pup Leash Holder

A pup leash holder is our first example of a cute dog-themed decoration that is more than just a pretty piece. How many of us misplace leashes, harnesses, collars, and even our own keys? A pup leash holder is similar to a keyholder and can be a great place to storehouse and car keys. You won’t need a key finder anymore, and you will always know where your pup’s leash is.

Pooch Paw Prints

Add dog paw print wall stickers all over the house for pawfect wall art. You can print stickers of your dog’s actual paw print or just use generic ones online. We think placing the stickers along the path your dog usually takes around the house is pretty cute.

Cute Personalized Sign

Does your dog have a room to himself? If so, get the letters of his name carved out in wooden letters, decorate each one and stick them onto the wall! Even if your dog doesn’t have his own space, you can create a personalized sign and place it on the wall above his crate or bed.


Inspiration for Dog Bathroom Decor

Now we move on to a different section of the house - the bathroom! Yes, your dog can have a presence in there, too!

Bone-Shaped Hamper

While some dog owners may not mind, others like to keep dirty dog stuff and their own laundry separate. You can now distinguish between the two piles with a separate bone-shaped hamper for your dog!

Custom Dog Illustration

It may be awkward to have a real pic of your dog staring at you while trying to “go,” so maybe commissioning a portrait or illustration of your dog is better. It’s a nice way to add a touch of your canine to every room of the house if you choose to, and it’s also a way to commemorate them if they’ve passed, and you can choose to place it elsewhere.

Puppy-Themed Shower Curtain

Tired of a boring marine-themed shower curtain? You can now get a dog-themed one! If you have a Velcro dog, then you’ll know that they follow you everywhere (and we really do mean EVERYWHERE). Instead of having your dog fixate on you while you’re trying to shower, maybe the dogs on the shower curtain can be a pleasant distraction.

Paw-Print Bath Mat

Once you’re done showering, you can step out onto an extra soft paw-shaped bath mat. It can also double as a nice and relaxing makeshift bed for your pooch while he’s waiting for you.


Dog-Oriented Living Room Decor

Now we navigate to the living room, where you can really go wild with all the dog-themed decor.

Dog Crate End Table

We love the idea of a dog crate that doubles as an end table. Just a regular wire crate doesn’t exactly complement most home furniture, so getting an elegant wooden crate that fits nicely at the end of your couch is just what you need.

It doesn’t have to be an end table as you can use it as a nightstand as well (depending on the height of your bed), so your pooch has a place to sleep, and you won’t have to worry about legroom.

Custom-Made Cushions

What better way to keep your dog close to you when he’s away on a playdate or at daycare than with custom-made cushions created in their likeness? While we understand that sometimes it’s nice to get a break from your dog, a part of you still misses them, so these cushions are a great idea.

Pawprint Rug

Piggy-backing off our bone-shaped bath mat idea, you can incorporate a pawprint rug into the living room! If pawprint or bone-shaped rugs aren’t large enough to accommodate your space, then maybe you can consider getting one with dog-themed designs.

Dog-Themed Throw

In the cold winter months, what’s better than curling up with your pooch under a comfy throw near the fireplace and enjoying a hot cup of hot chocolate while streaming movies? You get that much closer to that picturesque image with a dog-themed throw!

Custom Dog Coasters

We know that some dog owners consider coasters to be kitchen accessories, but they’re often used in the living room, so we decided to include them here. Coasters are one of the most easily customizable items. There are plenty of independent sellers on Etsy or websites you can visit that can create personalized orders.


Dog-Themed Kitchen Decoration

Speaking of kitchens, they are our next area of the house to tackle.

Customized Dog-Themed Dinnerware

You can incorporate any of our other decoration ideas into the kitchen, but something that belongs in this room is dinnerware - we’re talking about plates, bowls, and cutlery. There are many physical stores and websites that can put your dog’s face or a photo onto the dinnerware, and it’s a great way to differentiate between plates your dog may use and ones used to serve the family.

Dog-Themed Mugs

Dog-themed cups and mugs are all the rage and affordable, and each one can be unique. Even if you don’t use them to drink liquids, mugs and cups are excellent makeshift planters and vases that can be used as decoration anywhere in the home.

Unique Placemats

You can also find placemats, tablecloths, and table runners that feature pawprints, dog breed cartoons, bones, and more to round out your space. The table runner and cloth can also be used as coverings for the couch or when you use a ramp for your dog to get up the stairs or onto a vehicle with ease.


Dog-Themed Bedroom Decoration

A Big Family Portrait

Dogs are a part of the family, so why not have a big family portrait in the room where you sleep? You can feel the happiness emanating from the canvas every day when you wake up and before bed - just make sure your dog is front and center!

Special Stuffed Animal in Your Dog’s Likeness

We’ve seen many viral videos of dogs reacting to stuffed animals that look exactly like them, so why not try it with your dog? The stuffed animal could even be a source of comfort and friendship when your dog is away from you and possibly experiencing separation anxiety. To be perfectly honest, it could also be a comfort to you when you’re on a trip and missing your buddy.

Customized Clock with Your Dog’s Pic

We all need clocks in the house, despite the convenience of just glancing at our smartphones. You can now customize a clock’s face with your dog’s pic! Now every time you check for the time, you will be greeted by your dog’s smiling face.

Dog Wallpaper

Just like dog wall decorations, wallpaper can go anywhere in the house. Some people may want to completely cover the walls with dog-themed options, while others may want something that demands less commitment - something like dog-themed wall stickers.


Dog parents are always eager to search for customized items such as an imprinted T-shirt or a cup to show their love for their fur baby. Now you can spread the love inside your home with our dog decor ideas. Will your dog always be around? Sadly, no. But you can always keep a piece of them with you or give them a piece of you when you’re apart.


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