Gemini Zodiac Report

Gemini Zodiac Report

Gemini Breeds 

Social calendars are filling up and new friends are coming together - it must be Gemini season! This sign is all about big energy, staying busy, and learning something new. To keep things exciting with a furry friend, there are some specific traits the Gemini will want to seek out. A loyal companion that is friendly, smart, curious, and energetic will be able to keep up with the busy Gemini and fit well into their lifestyle of adventure. Check out some of our favorite breeds  that will bring out your best sides.

Welsh Corgi

The adorable pups (with the cutest furry butts) embody all the best traits of the Gemini. Super outgoing and friendly to all, Corgis will love to attend all your social events with you. While very affectionate, these pooches aren’t needy at all and are happy to just be near the action. Geminis will love how these smart canines keep them on their toes and indulge their curious side.

Bichon Frise

Geminis love to learn and would do well with a companion that’s just as inquisitive. Look no further than the sweet Bichon Frise. These dogs are basically the energizer bunny: full of zest and an uplifting spirit that keeps the vibes high. These pups are the perfect size to pack up for an adventure but are just as happy to curl up to unwind when you’re ready to relax.


Chihuahuas seem to have gotten a bad rap. These dogs are packed with energy and personality, making them ideal for the high-energy Gemini. Small but mighty, these compact companions make amazing companions to bring on trips. With their willingness to always try new things, friendly nature, and extreme intelligence, the Chihuahua is basically a Gemini in dog form.


These beautiful, sleek dogs are always ready to party. Often called “velcro” dogs, the Vizsla will be your most loyal friend that can always match your energy. Very energetic and gentle, these pooches can be a little needy if their owner isn’t paying enough attention. Being a bigger dog makes this breed great for social adventures that include hiking, sports, or other outdoor adventures that let them get some energy out.

Portuguese Water Dog

Bred to support the fishing community in Portugal, the Portuguese Water Dog is whip-smart and incredibly friendly. Because these working dogs are always ready to serve, these pups are content sitting calmly by your side while you catch up with friends. This gentle and patient breed doesn’t do well with boredom, making them great companions for the busy Gemini lifestyle.

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