Hanging a Group of 4 Pictures: 5 Cute and Simple Layouts

Hanging a Group of 4 Pictures: 5 Cute and Simple Layouts

Hanging wall art is easier than you think, especially when it’s pictures of your furry baby! Since you are an amazing pet parent, you most likely have plenty of pictures of your pet and have finally narrowed it down to your favorite 4 adorable photos. Now it’s time to navigate through the process of hanging the group of pictures. Here are five cute and simple layouts that will help you display your pet like royalty!

Horizontal Line

Hanging a group of pictures requires you to tap into your creative skills and decide on the look you want. Find a place on your wall to hang your pet portrait gallery. This space needs to be large enough to hold all four framed pictures. A popular grouping is hanging four same-size pictures side by side across the same wall creating a horizontal line.

You can have extra fun and create an artistic look by using different colored and textured frames. For example, match your frames to the accent color in your home. You could also choose frames that have your dog’s names engraved on them to help tell them apart.

Once the space on your wall is chosen, place the framed photos on the floor to decide which arrangement you prefer. Then, gather your tools such as a hammer, nails, and level. You can choose alternatives for nails if you don’t want to puncture your walls.

The Perfect Square

You are probably asking how to hang a group of 4 pictures the same size. This is a popular option that creates a uniform and clean look which compliments any style of home décor. First look at the size of your wall and decide which size picture frame you need to accommodate the space.

If you have a large wall, avoid getting small frames, instead, get medium or large to fill the space. However, if you live in a small space you can choose either size depending on the overall look and feel of the room. Large frames grouped in four in a small space create an amazing focal point and help the space feel larger.

As mentioned earlier, arrange the frames on the floor beneath the wall first to ensure they create the look you vision. Then, get to work carefully measuring and pinpointing the exact amount of space needed to hang the pictures in that format as well as include the amount of space between each picture which usually ranges 1” to 2” inches.

The typical way to hang four pictures the same size is in a group of 4 with two pictures side by side and the other two beneath. The goal is to keep them in sync with the same amount of spacing between each one.

Scattered Look

The goal of hanging a group of pictures that are different sizes is to create a large square or rectangle on the wall that fits the various sizes. You can arrange the frames on the floor until you find the right fit for the space. For example, some frames might be taller or wider than others. Carefully arrange them to look visually pleasing to the eye.

Remember you can use different frame colors as well. A popular choice is using wood frames that are all different sizes and fitting them together like they are a puzzle but with a little space in between. The different sizes draw attention to the area while the matching frames pull the look together.

As mentioned earlier use tools such as a measuring tape, large ruler, nails, hammer, or nail alternatives to hang the pictures on the wall. The fun part about using different sized frames is they don’t need to look perfect and allow you to create a unique look that complements your home.


2 Large, 2 Small

A creative way to hang four pictures on a wall involves two large frames and two small frames. For example, choose two 8” x 10” frames and the other two 12” x 16” and arrange them to suit your wall space. Create an overall rectangular space on your wall that will hold all the frames. Place the two smaller frames one on top of the other in the center of the rectangle and place the two larger frames on each side.

You can have a lot of fun with this sequence by placing a headshot of your dog in the larger frame, and action shots in the others. Or you can choose to put headshots in both the large frames with different poses and your pet playing with their toys in the other.

You can be even more creative by placing birthday pictures of your pet to show how they have grown over the past four years. Choosing the pictures is important to create an organized look. Try to choose portraits with the same brightness for a balanced visually appealing art wall.


Oval Frames

Oval frames are a unique way to display photos of your pets. They are available in a variety of sizes and frame styles. If your home décor is Victorian-themed, this look is an excellent way to incorporate your dog’s pictures into your home without it looking out of place.

Choose oval frames and pictures that will look great on your wall. The look will appear authentic and coordinate with your overall Victorian theme.

Don’t forget you can use oval frames and incorporate them into any group of four. They come in a variety of shapes and decorative framing to ensure you create a unique look that is customized for your home.

Tips for Hanging Pictures on a Wall Like a Professional

  1. Find out your wall type – Is your wall plasterboard, mortar, or brick? Find out exactly what your wall is made from and choose the right drill bit, anchor, and nail that are designed specifically for different types of walls. Protect mortar or plaster – Place a piece of masking tape on the wall where you plan to hammer or drill a nail. The tape protects the plaster from crumbling and prevents drilling a larger hole than needed.
  2. Nails or alternatives – Are you concerned about nailing or drilling a hole in your walls? Use alternatives such as specially designed nails for pictures, mounting tape, invisible wall hooks, and other options found at your local home improvement store or online.
  3. Protect your eyes – Hanging a picture on a wall doesn’t sound dangerous but it can be if small pieces of plaster or dust go into your eyes. Use safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes.
  4. Measure and map out the right spot – If you have a difficult time hanging pictures, play it safe by measuring out the exact spots on the wall, including the space between each picture, and mark the wall. Use a level scale to ensure all four pictures are straight. You can also ask for help from a family member, friend or neighbor if you don’t feel comfortable using a power drill or hammer. 
  5. Create an attractive display – Choose asymmetry or symmetry and make sure the frames are evenly spaced to create an organized and balanced art wall.
  6. Hang pictures at eye level – You want to show off your cute pets, make sure they can be seen by hanging pictures at eye level to ensure a closer look. Avoid hanging frames too high on a wall.
  7. Match the size of the wall with the group of pictures – Have you ever gone into someone’s house that had a small tiny picture hanging on a large empty wall? It looks awkward and tiny. Make sure to use frame sizes that balance the space on your wall. Avoid using tiny or extra-large frames unless the specific wall suits the size.
  8. Consider the frame type – You have your heart set on hanging four amazing pictures of your fur baby but don’t forget the frames need to complement your décor. For example, if you have rustic décor, wood frames will coordinate well with your home décor, while shiny metal frames with diamonds will stick out like it doesn’t belong. Make sure you choose frames that will add beauty to your home and create a positive environment.
Now that you have lots of tips for how to hang a group of 4 pictures, it’s time to get to work! Start by choosing your favorite photos of your pets, then head over to West & Willow to create a custom art wall that displays your entire family-furry, or not!