Leo Zodiac Report

Leo Zodiac Report

Leo Breeds 

The most confident and courageous of the signs, Leo season is all about igniting the passion for life and leading with self-confidence. Whether you’re looking for a companion to encourage your assurance or just match the alpha energy you bring, these breeds embody the sure and certain Leo energy. Check out these breeds that are Leos through and through.


Believed to have originated in Germany, the Leonberger is self-assured and well-composed when properly socialized and trained. This lion-like giant breed doesn’t usually exhibit the anxious behaviors of other breeds and does well with kids and other dogs. Leonbergers are really family dogs that are self-disciplined, loyal, and kind, much like their human Leo counterparts.


Often referred to as a “mop dog,” the Komondor is a large breed whose fur naturally cords to create a unique coat. Bred for guarding livestock, the intention of this breed was for them to think independently. The confidence needed for those quick decisions is displayed through their autonomy as they patrol their home for safety. Often wary of strangers, this dog will thrive when sticking close to a confident owner that can provide guidance.


The Saluki comes from mysterious origins and everything from name to country of origin is disputed. The long-legged sighthound will thrive under the leadership of a Leo owner. Although aloof and generally calm, the stubborn nature of the Saluki can make them hard to train. However, their independence makes them a great match for an equally independent owner looking for a companion.


These dogs are proof that the best things come in small packages. Strong-willed and charming, pugs are known to adopt the personality of their owner. While they thrive on plenty of attention, pugs can spend a lot of time relaxing without direct attention from their owner. Great for apartment living, this breed is great for families and fits in well with most household dynamics.

Tibetan Mastiff

Another guardian dog, the Tibetan Mastiff is intelligent, stubborn, and enjoys being independent. This breed is recommended for experienced dog owners because of both their size and their natural instinct to protect. When properly trained and socialized, the Tibetan Mastiff can do great in many families. Easy-going and aloof tendencies align well with the self-assuredness of a Leo owner.

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