Taurus Zodiac Report

Taurus Zodiac Report

Taurus Breeds 

It’s Taurus season and you know what that means. It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life and tap into some much-needed serenity. Tauruses are here to indulge in luxury and truly appreciate the pleasures of life. This dedication to all things high-quality also leads Tauruses to build small circles of deep friendships and relationships. The attachment to security and comfort can make these homebodies a little complacent and in need of breaking the cycle. Four-legged friends are a great way for a Taurus to find a companion just as loyal as they are while encouraging them to switch up a normal routine for something less comfortable and more fulfilling.

Scottish Terriers

If you’re ready for a pup just as determined as you are, look no further than the Scottish Terrier. These incredibly intelligent and self-assured pups are feisty and fearless, making them incredibly loyal to their pet parents. Because of their wariness of strangers, Scottish Terriers will thrive in the Taurus home that doesn’t often host new people. The small and intimate circle of friends that a Taurus keeps will keep the Scottish Terrier comfortable and happy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is great for the Taurus that’s looking for an excuse to spend more time cuddling in on the coach. Affectionate and playful, the Cavalier doesn’t love being left alone and often attaches quickly to their owner. The calm and confident nature of the Taurus will help this pooch mellow out and inspire a confidence of its own. 


Have you seen any of the hundreds of videos of Boxers completely disregarding the commands their owner gives? Their headstrong nature matches perfectly with the determination and devotion of Tauruses! More than just a little stubborn, Boxers are very loyal and are as self-assured as their Taurus owners. These pups need a strong leader to be successful, so building a strong bond through training will help them be most successful!


Much like the Scottish Terrier, the Akita tends to be a bit more reserved with strangers and will do well with a less busy Taurus home. This breed is incredibly particular, enjoying cleanliness and preening, and does well in homes that have an air of luxury to them. Although a more reserved breed, the Akita attaches to their owner quickly and remains a loyal companion through all adventures.

Siberian Husky

Did you know the Husky is not often used as a service dog because of their penchant for independence? This gentle and friendly breed fits into an active lifestyle but enjoys their time alone. Great with kids, the Husky will enjoy busier households and should be exercised regularly to prevent any destructive behavior. Sometimes classified as stubborn, the Taurus and Husky are often described as kindred spirits.

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