The Cutest and Spookiest DIY Halloween Costumes for Cats

The Cutest and Spookiest DIY Halloween Costumes for Cats

Are you ready to make your fur baby the talk of the town for Halloween? A popular myth why cats are associated with Halloween dates back to the ancient Egyptians. A cat-headed goddess called Bastet was worshiped by Egyptians. The Goddess was thought to battle with the Serpent of Darkness which linked the mythical cat to nightly battles. 

Since the Egyptians associated nighttime with cats, chances are our current society has linked these intelligent felines to Halloween. This festive holiday is fun for the entire family and including your cat by dressing them in a costume is an excellent way to make your pet happy! 

Here are the cutest and spookiest DIY Halloween Costumes for Cats: 

Super Cat

This adorable DIY cat costume is made with felt fabric and can be hand-stitched. 

Step 1 – Purchase felt fabric in the color of your choice. 

Step 2 – Measure your cat head where the mask will sit. 

Step 3 – Measure your cat’s neck where the cape will attach in the front (add an extra inch to the measurement for comfort purposes).

Step 4 – Draw the face mask on the felt fabric and cut the mask out. 

Step 5 – Draw the shape of the cape on the felt fabric and cut using scissors. 

Step 6 – Thread the needle with the same color thread as the cape and mask (or use a sewing machine) .

Step 7 – Sew the rim of the mask and cape separately. 

Step 8 – Cut a buttonhole in the two points of the fabric that will reach around your cat’s neck. 

Step 9 – Sew a button to the opposite side of the cape for easy attachment purposes.

Bat Cat

This spooky cat costume is easy to make and looks great on any cat but especially extra special on black cats for Halloween. Felt fabric and Velcro are needed for this DIY costume for cats. 

Step 1 – Purchase black felt fabric and Velcro from your local craft store or an online source. 

Step 2 – Place the fabric on a flat surface and cut the bat-shaped wings using one large piece of fabric. 

Step 3 – Stiffen the felt fabric by soaking it in starch and allowing it to air dry. 

Step 4 – Cut a 1” inch piece of Velcro and attach the sticky surface to the bat wings and the other piece to your cat’s collar.

Lion Cat

Chances are you already refer to your cat as your little lion. This adorable costume looks great on cats of all sizes and colors. Check out the easy DIY instructions below. 

Step 1 – Purchase faux fur fabric from the craft store

Step 2 – Fold the fabric in half and place it on a flat surface.

Step 3 – Measure the width of your cat’s head. 

Step 4 – Cut a half-moon in the fabric comparable to the measurement you took of your cat’s head. 

Step 5 – Carefully place the lion costume on your cat’s head. Be careful not to crush their ears!

Chef Cat

This delightful DIY Halloween costume for cats takes a few sewing skills but we have an easy alternative. Keep reading to find out how to create an alternative to this chef costume quickly and easily.   

Step 1 - Purchase Velcro, white felt fabric, and red felt fabric from a craft store. 

Step 2 – Measure your cat’s neck and add 6 inches.

Step 3 – Cut the red fabric in a long strip according to the measurement you took. 

Step 4 – Measure the width and length of your cat’s body. 

Step 5 – Cut the white fabric into the shape of a cape using the measurements you took of your cat’s body. 

Step 6 – Place the cut fabric on a flat surface and use color markers to write “best chef” or “kiss the cook” on the cape. 

Step 7 – Adhere the Velcro to the tips of the cape that will be placed around your cat’s neck for easy use. Adjust the Velcro to customize the fit to your cat. 

    Pumpkin Cat

    This vibrant DIY pumpkin costume requires a sewing machine and basic skills. 

    Step 1 – Purchase Velcro, orange, green and black fabric from the craft store. Also, purchase the matching thread for each fabric color you choose. You will also need a bag of pillow filling.  

    Step 2 – You can purchase a pattern at the craft store to make the process easier. (If you choose a pattern, follow the instructions on the package carefully) However, if you choose not to purchase a pattern, continue following the steps below. 

    Step 3 – Measure the width and length of your cat’s body.

    Step 4 – Place the orange fabric on a flat surface and cut it into an oval or circle. 

    Step 5 – Cut three small triangles and a mouth for the pumpkin's face out of the black felt material. 

    Step 6 – Carefully use a hot glue gun to stick the black pieces to the orange fabric and allow it to dry completely. 

    Step 7 – Sew the orange fabric to resemble a pillowcase and add the pillow filling inside then sew the remaining part of the pillowcase shut. 

    Step 8 – Sew two long pieces of orange fabric to the top of the pillow and make sure it safely reaches around your cat’s neck leaving a 1” inch space to prevent choking. 

    Step 9 – Cut the green fabric into leaf shapes. You can choose to leave the leaf as is to allow it to blow in the wind or you can stuff each leaf with pillow filling and sew it shut for a puffy look!

    Step 10 – Attach the Velcro to the interior ends of the long orange fabric pieces for a secure fit. 


    Cat Cowboy

    This stylish DIY Halloween costume for cats is great for a last-minute idea or for cats that don’t like to wear costumes. Easy and stylish!

    Step 1 – Purchase any style of fabric you like to create the bandana look. 

    Step 2 – Purchase a small hat from a craft store that will fit on the top of your cat’s head. 

    Step 3 – Sew a string to the interior side of the hat to tie it under your cat’s chin for a secure fit.


    Froggy Cat

    This charming frog costume is perfect for pet parents who have great knitting or crocheting skills. This costume takes time to create so make sure you plan in advance. 

    Step 1 – Purchase green, white and black yarn plus all knitting or crocheting needles. 

    Step 2 – Purchase a pattern or instructional manual for knitting or crocheting the frog costume, also known as a frog hat. 

    Step 3 – If you have superior knitting or crocheting skills, you can create your own design and add embellishments along the way. 

    This cute frog costume can also be used during winter to keep your cat warm. Here’s a helpful tip: purchase high-quality yarn to make the garment last longer if you plan to use it during winter. 

    Helpful Tips for DIY Costumes for Cats

    • Only dress your cat in a costume if your pet enjoys wearing clothing. 
    • Use a soft, flexible measuring tape to take your cat’s measurements.
    • Purchase fabrics that are soft on your cat’s skin. 
    • Make sure the costume is fully complete before dressing your cat. 
    • Sew or attach any small parts of the costume to prevent them from becoming a choking hazard. 
    • Customize the fit to your cat’s size for added comfort. 

    Dressing your cat in a costume takes planning and some craft skills depending on the design you choose. The goal is to make your cat look cute while maintaining their comfort and happiness. 

    Once your cat is wearing their costume don’t forget to take pictures. This is a special way to remember the occasion and cherish your hard work forever. 

    You can capture this special moment in time by turning one of your Halloween photos into a painting you can hang on your wall all year long. At West & Willow, you have the choice to have a portrait of one, two, or three of your pets. 

    If you have more than one pet, you can be creative by dressing your pets up in a theme like Batman and Robin to create the ultimate cat portrait! You can even give the portrait to family members or hang it as a piece of art in your home or office.