Virgo Zodiac Report

Virgo Zodiac Report

Virgo Breeds

Virgos are known for their practical approach to life and their desire to be as helpful as possible. With so many unknowns in life, a breed that approaches life with the same logic that you do will give you a deep sense of comfort and being understood. Don’t take their reservedness as unfriendly - much like their human counterparts, these Virgo-like pups are deeply loyal to those they love and trust. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite sensible pooches.


This smaller breed originated in Africa and was revered for its intelligence and courage. Much like their Virgo owner, they tend to be reserved when meeting new people, though they are very curious and energetic. The Basenji has a high prey drive and requires plenty of exercise to stay healthy. This breed is known for becoming attached to one human, mirroring the caring and loyal nature of their human Virgo counterparts.

Boston Terrier

While these pooches are incredibly friendly, they approach life in a very sensible way. Boston Terriers have a zest for life, but often only do things they deem necessary, like bark. Their quieter nature and moderate energy level make them great for apartment living. With the brains to back up their looks, these pooches so great with obedience training and can even make great therapy dogs. If you’re looking for a lap dog with smarts, look no further than these furry friends.


These highly intelligent dogs can match wits with the best of them. They love to please their owners and care deeply about their immediate family. High energy means they’ll need plenty of exercise to prevent restlessness, but their small stature allows them to burn off excess energy running around your home. Deeply family-oriented, schnauzers make great dogs for families with kids and with early socializing can become a gold-standard addition to your household.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is very commonly compared to cats with its reserved personality and connection to a single owner. Early socialization of this breed is important, as they are resistant to training the older they get. This smart breed builds loyal relationships with family members and is incredibly caring for those in their household. Even though they are of moderate energy levels, these pooches will enjoy the routine of daily exercise.

Bouvier des Flanders

If you haven’t heard of this breed yet, you’re in for a treat. Hailing from Belgium, this breed is the definition of rational. Quick learners, these pups will need to be introduced to the world young to prevent their natural reservedness from becoming suspicious toward strangers. Although large and intimidating, the Bouvier is fantastic with kids and makes for a great family dog. Originally bred for brains and accountability, these practical pups are great complements to the natural pragmatism that comes with Virgos.

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