West & Willow: Pisces Zodiac Report

West & Willow: Pisces Zodiac Report

The Perfect Pisces Season Pups

It’s Pisces season and you know what that means: time to embrace our inner artist, let our compassion lead the way, and make caring for others the trend to follow! Pisceans are selfless and empathetic, creating a nonjudgmental space wherever they go. This high emotional intelligence and altruism can leave Pisces feeling a little drained and in need of something to reenergize them. What better way to recharge than the love of a furry friend? Dogs that share the characteristics of amiable Pisces will be a good match, creating a calming environment that will refuel the Pisces to continue spreading the love.

Golden Retriever

The most popular dog breed in America, it’s no surprise that the gentle Golden Retriever is a great fit for an empathetic Pisces. Born to love, the Golden Retriever is a dedicated pup that is as equally ready for a walk as they are a nap on the couch. They do need exercise to stay happy and healthy, so this is a great dog for active households or owners that are looking for more opportunities to get outside.



Shih Tzu

The ever-genial Shih Tzu is a great family pet that will bond quickly with a Pisces owner. Their non-aggressive nature makes them great for households with other pets. Their playful personality and calm temperament make them adaptable to new situations, albeit not the most obedient of breeds. Shih Tzu intelligence is sure to keep you entertained and their endless supply of love will keep your Pisces heart full.


English Bull Dog

A more sensitive breed, the English Bull Dog is incredibly friendly and will always be ready for a visit with their Pisces owner. These mellow breeds do really well with smaller kids and enjoy long cuddles on the couch. The sweet and gentle disposition of the English Bull Dog will align beautifully with the emotional perceptiveness of Pisces.



Irish Wolfhound

If you’re looking for a giant dog breed with a sweet side, the Irish Wolfhound is the dog for you. These big lap dogs are perceptive and extremely sensitive, much like Pisceans. While they do need exercise to keep them happy and healthy, the Irish Wolfhound is a big teddy bear that is almost always ready for a long snuggle. Despite its size, the Irish Wolfhound is rarely destructive in the house and is incredibly easygoing.


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