What Dogs Think About

What Dogs Think About

Ever caught your furry best friend staring into the abyss and wondered, "What's brewing in that furry little head of theirs?" Well, you're not alone! Us dog lovers often find ourselves pondering the enigmatic mind of our four-legged philosophers. Take my buddy Baxter, for example; just the other day, he spent a solid hour gazing at his reflection in the pond, and I swear he was contemplating the meaning of life—or maybe just eyeing that duck behind him.

But really, what do our tail-wagging companions think about as they go about their doggy day? From the wag of a tail to that curious head tilt, each action sparks a universe of questions about their inner thoughts.

The World Through Their Eyes

Dogs experience the world in a whirlwind of sniffs, sights, and sounds. Imagine having a nose that's a super-powered scent detector; it's like living in a world where every breeze tells a story. For our furry friends, a simple walk is like reading an epic novel, with each sniff uncovering a new plot twist. And when it comes to sight, ever noticed how Fido fixates on that squirrel with the intensity of a lovesick teenager?

Now, let's talk about those hilarious sound reactions. Ever seen a dog cock its head at the beep of a microwave? It's as if they're trying to decipher an alien language. Or the classic case of a pooch chasing its tail, convinced it's an elusive intruder. It's a dog's life, and their sensory world is a carnival of curiosities that keeps their minds buzzing and their tails wagging!

The Language of Bark

Barks are the tweets of the dog world, and deciphering them is like cracking a fluffy code. There's the 'play-with-me' yap that's as infectious as laughter, the 'stranger-danger' woof that's as stern as a knight's warning, and the 'I'm-the-boss' growl that's as assertive as a CEO in the boardroom. Each vocalization is a sentence in the rich narrative of a dog's daily dialogue.

Let's not forget the comedic gold of misinterpreted barks. Picture this: a dog barks at a leaf blowing in the wind, convinced it's a secret agent on a covert mission. Or the protective pooch who growls at the mailman, truly believing he's the guardian of the family realm. In the end, whether it's a playful yip or an urgent bark, each sound is a peek into our dog's thoughts and emotions.

Dogs and Their Toys

Ever noticed how your dog has that one toy that's been chewed to near oblivion, yet it's their undoubted favorite? It's as if that slobber-soaked teddy bear holds the secrets of the universe. Dogs form emotional bonds with their toys that are as real and tender as any childhood attachment. They'll protect these cherished playthings with the ferocity of a dragon guarding its gold.

And when it comes to choosing their toy-du-jour, it's a process filled with contemplation and canine wisdom. Perhaps it's the squeak, the texture, or the way it bounces that captivates their heart. I once watched a pup audition a lineup of toys like a talent show judge, each toy performing its best trick, until one, the underdog rubber chicken, won the coveted spot of 'favorite'. It's a mysterious and amusing spectacle to witness!

Dreaming of Bones and Beyond

Do dogs dream? Research says 'yes', and I'd like to think that in their slumber, they're frolicking in endless fields, their paws twitching in pursuit of phantom squirrels. Maybe they're even hosting grand banquets, where every guest is a fire hydrant and the menu is an all-you-can-eat buffet of bones and bacon.

These dreamtime adventures are not unlike our own dreams of capturing our beloved pet's perfect moments. Just imagine if we could frame a snapshot of their dreamy escapades! With West & Willow, we can at least immortalize their waking joy with a custom portrait that reflects the love and whimsy of their daydreams and ours.

Food for Thought

Mealtime is to dogs what Thanksgiving is to humans—a feast to end all feasts, even if it's the same kibble they've had for years. The anticipation in their eyes as they watch you fill their bowl is akin to a child on Christmas morning. They might be thinking, "Is today the day they accidentally open the treat vault and it all comes pouring out?"

And let's not forget the dramatics when a new food is introduced. I once saw a dog approach a piece of broccoli like a bomb disposal expert, sniffing cautiously before deciding it was, in fact, an edible delight. It's a culinary critique that Gordon Ramsay would envy. The joy, the suspense, the drool—it's all part of the rich tapestry of a dog's mealtime thoughts.

The Bond with Their Humans

The bond between dogs and their humans is as deep and vast as the ocean. It's filled with moments of recognition and affection that suggest a profound level of thought and care. When your pup greets you with the enthusiasm of a rockstar's fan, it's clear they've been mulling over your return since the moment you left.

And how do they perceive our peculiar human habits? Maybe they're wondering why we're not as keen on playing fetch for hours on end, or why we insist on sitting at that glowing screen all day. Perhaps they think our obsession with capturing their cuteness on camera is just our way of admiring their impeccable style—after all, they are the models of the house, right?


We can only smile at the thought of our dogs' rich inner lives. From their sensory world to their dreamy sleep, every bark and bound is a chapter in the story they're telling us, if only we're willing to listen.

So, the next time you catch your furry friend in a moment of quiet contemplation, take a second to wonder... what's on their mind?

Is it the next meal, a game of fetch, or perhaps the pride of being immortalized in a West & Willow portrait? Whatever it is, it's sure to be as delightful and charming as they are. Now, go give your pup an extra pat for me—they've earned it for being such good boys and girls!


Do dogs really have thoughts like humans do?

While dogs don't think in the same complex language humans do, they definitely have thoughts and emotions that guide their actions and behaviors.

Can dogs recognize themselves in pictures or mirrors?

Most dogs don't recognize themselves in mirrors or pictures, but they can learn to associate images with real-life objects or beings.

How do I know if my dog is dreaming or having a nightmare?

If your dog is dreaming, you might see them twitching their paws or hear them making soft noises. If they seem distressed or wake up suddenly, it could be a nightmare.

What's the best way to figure out my dog's favorite toy or treat?

Observe which toy or treat they choose consistently or get the most excited about—that's usually their favorite!

Are there any signs that show my dog is happy or content with their thoughts?

A relaxed posture, a wagging tail, and an overall peaceful demeanor are good indicators that your dog is happy and content.