Design Your Cat's Ideal Playroom

Design Your Cat's Ideal Playroom

If you are a cat parent, you would be familiar with the struggle of keeping your cats entertained and off your back. Cats are majorly accustomed to doing only a few things around the house – sleeping, eating, and playing.

While the former three are not much of an issue, providing sources of entertainment to keep the cat occupied during her play time is a struggle. 

To tackle this, you can build a cat playroom right inside your home with all the necessary stuff for your pet. This will keep your cat busy while in front of your eyes for safekeeping. If you are ready to build a cozy little corner for your furry friend, keep reading for some paw-some cat playroom ideas.

Pick The Playroom Space Wisely

Before digging into cat playroom ideas, you must decide on the space that will be dedicated to your cat. There are several options for this, depending on your living. 

If you have a spare guest room, use it to create a comfy space for your pet. You can do a lot with an entire bedroom due to ample design space.

On the other hand, if you live in a compact apartment without enough room, there are still many options to explore. After all, cats do enjoy cozy spaces. Try to devote some space to your cat under the stairs, an enclosed patio, an unused attic or basement, or even a spare closet section.

If there is no space left in your home to build your cat a separate play area, you can design one using a little corner of one of the larger rooms, such as a master bedroom. 

Now that you have a space let's see some ideas for organizing and decorating it in a unique way. 

Give It A Personal Touch

Above all, it is your pet's space, so don't be afraid to add personal touches to it. There are plenty of cat room ideas in this domain.

You can get customized pet portraits to set up anywhere within the cat playroom. Customized quote signs can also be a great addition to the wall art. Another unique idea is to get personalized mugs with your pet's photo on them, add some pet-friendly flowers, and place them on a table.     

You can also insert pictures of your cat on the walls in the cat playroom. There are different ways to adjust a group of pictures together to give a contemporary touch. You can set them up in layouts of four or five pictures.

Plug In The Cat Necessities

Next on the list of cat room ideas comes the necessities. These include food/water dishes and a litter box.

The number of dishes and litter boxes depends on how many cats you have. Generally, you should keep a separate litter box and feeding dishes for each cat. However, if your cats have been trained otherwise, go for what suits your pets. 

These dishes need not be too fancy. Remember! Your cat needs to be comfortable eating from them. Here's a workable solution from cat playroom ideas to make these food dishes less boring. Pick bright, exquisite colors to keep your pet interested in them. For ease of feeding the cats, you can add an automatic food dispenser so your pets get the food at the same time each day. You can also store the cat feed-in jars and containers with cat pictures or cute labels for differentiation.

Moreover, the cat's litter box should also be the one with which your cat is comfortable. But make sure to put the litter box in a quiet corner where your pet won't be disturbed. 

Keep Logistics In Mind

An essential tip while running through the cat playroom ideas is to keep the logistics in mind. Cats love to jump and climb in high places, sometimes your face even. Keep in mind that cats can jump up to six times their length, so it is always a good idea to add some shelves at varying heights where your cat can jump up and down to flex the acrobatic muscle. However, you must make sure the shelves are tightly secured to the walls and can bear your cat's weight. Paint the shelves in bright hues to add a pop of color to the room. 

Another one of the best cat room ideas is to add a place for the cat to scratch against. Cats love to scratch on different textured places. You can get scratchers in various shapes and sizes. Each cat might prefer a different one. You can experiment with a few unique ones to see which ones your cat likes the most. Make sure to keep the scratching post at least 3 inches high.

Add The Right Bedding to Your Cat's Playroom

If there is one thing that cats love more than cuddling and stretching, it is sleeping and just lounging around the house. So, it is important to add a bedding area for your cat where she can chill and nap. We'd rather mark this one as a MUST on our list of cat room ideas

There are several different options in bedding. You can go for fancy enclosed beds, hammocks, cave beds, jumbo-sized beds, or choose from several more styles. If you don't want to go for anything fancy, just keep a big wicker chair with soft pillows and cushions or fill a spacious box with lots of feathers, pillows, and cushions. The idea is to make a place for the cat to snuggle and sleep comfortably.

Don't Forget the Opening Ceremony

Now that you have poured your heart and soul into setting up a great cat room, you would want to initiate it properly. One of the great cat room ideas is to throw a housewarming party for your pet. Even better yet, wait for your cat's birthday to throw a birthday party. Invite some friends, both humans and animals, and make it memorable. 

Go as crazy as you want and have fun designing it. 

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