Spruce Up the Loo with These Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Spruce Up the Loo with These Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

You might not want to admit it but your bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s the only room in the house where you can expect to have privacy and not be interrupted. Your boring bathroom probably doesn’t boost your mood or attribute to getting you through the day that is why it’s important to spruce it up. The following bathroom wall décor ideas will turn your bathroom into an oasis!

Classic Choices for Bathroom Wall Decor 101

Neutral Paint Colors


Neutral paint colors such as tan, white, brown, and grey are excellent options for creating a peaceful vibe. These colors also make it easy to accessorize and complement all accent colors. This is an excellent option if you are creating a spa vibe that is accented with soft pastel colors or dark accent towels and wall décor. If you like to change the décor in your bathroom frequently neutral paint colors are an excellent foundation to build from without needing to paint every time you decorate. 

When it comes to neutral paint colors you can make things a bit more interesting by creating accent walls that are two or three shades darker compared to the others. This technique creates dimension and a cozy environment. 



You need to see your face when you brush, shave, apply makeup and style your hair. Mirrors are essential in the bathroom and a great way to add the feeling of more space. Two or more mirrors placed on the wall are practical, look great and create the illusion of more space. Choose uniquely shaped or framed mirrors that add to your décor theme or vibe. 


Nature Inspired Pictures

One of the best bathroom wall décor ideas is to implement nature into the space. When nature is brought inside it adds positive energy and a sense of healing comfort. While natural or faux plants are outstanding accessories, nature-inspired pictures are superb especially if you have a difficult time keeping plants alive. 

Choose a framed picture or painting that complements the colors in your bathroom. If you don’t know what to choose, try a picture of a tree with colorful leaves to get you started. The colors of the leaves will make it easy to choose coordinating colors for towels, candles, and accents in the bathroom.


Ideas for Colorful Bathroom Decor 

Eye Popping Paint Color

Color is one of the best bathroom décor ideas that change the look instantly. A quick coat or two of vibrant yellow, orange, red, green, or blue adds character and spice to the space. It also makes it easier to bring the entire look together by adding accent colors that pop off the wall color. 

Any hue of yellow is known to be like a pop of sunshine that boosts your mood every time you enter the space. Your bathroom can be a much-needed positive mood booster after a long day at work or a quick escape from the kids.


Colorful Tiles 

Colorful tiles are popular when it comes to vibrant bathroom wall décor ideas. They are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You can choose to mix hues, colors, and patterns to create something truly unique and customized to your décor preferences. 

For example, the picture above shows various hues of purple with a few pattern tiles that have all the colors. You can choose to cover one wall or more with the tiles. 

You can also choose one color of tile and accent with a few pattern tiles around the top or bottom of the wall. Tiles allow you to be creative and customize your bathroom to perfection. Keep in mind that once the tiles are placed on the wall it is a lot of work to have them removed and replaced. This beautiful option is excellent if you want to keep the look for years. However, if you are one of those people that like to change décor frequently, it’s better to choose a paint that is easier to replace.


Cute Bathroom Decorating Ideas 

Dog Portraits


Are you looking for a way to make your bathroom look cheerful and fun? You can turn your favorite picture of your dog into a custom illustrated portrait and hang it on the wall for all to see! You can have a lot of fun with this bathroom décor idea because you can change the portrait through the year and for each season or holiday. 

For example, during holidays you can display a portrait of your dog wearing a Halloween costume, Santa hat, holiday lights, and much more. You can have a lot of fun by dressing your dog up in a cowboy hat and more so you always have a new vibe in your bathroom. 

Some pet parents enjoy taking pictures of their dog making different faces that make you laugh. For example, a picture of your dog making a face that looks like he’s smelling something that stinks is a perfect humorous option to display in the bathroom. 


Flower Pictures

Flower pictures bring a touch of femininity to every room, especially the bathroom. You can choose the size that suits your space as well as the type of flower. The color of the flower is essential to creating a specific feeling. 

For example, flowers that are towards the pastel side such as light pink, mauve, periwinkle, baby blue, soft yellow, and lavender bring a soft ambiance to the space while darker colors such as red create a romantic feeling. 

A great bathroom décor idea is to place matching flowers in a vase to complement the picture. For example, if you decide on a pastel pink color painting or picture, complement it with a glass vase that shows the green stems and displays soft pink roses that match the picture. 

You can also decide to use different hues to create a whimsical space that is relaxing and pleasing to visit.


Owl Pictures

Cute bathroom ideas involving owls have increasingly become popular. There are a variety of ways to incorporate owls into your bathroom wall décor. Common ways include displaying a picture or painting of an owl. A cartoon form or colorful painting such as the one shown above can be displayed on the wall alone or as part of a sequence. 

This cute idea is great for kids and adults who love owls and enjoy colorful pictures in the bathroom. You can also add accessories that complement the colors of the owl or a natural vibe. For example, you can place a live or faux tree in the bathroom near the owl painting to create a natural living environment that brings peace to the space.


How to Choose the Right Bathroom Wall Decor Idea for You

Now that you know how to spruce up the loo with these bathroom wall décor ideas it’s time to get started. Chances are you might wonder which bathroom décor idea is for you. No worries, it’s easy to choose the right option for you. It just takes careful thought and planning. 

The following tips will help guide you towards the right décor idea that will turn your bathroom into your own private oasis. 


  • Consider the size of your bathroom – If you have a small bathroom you can add mirrors to make it feel larger. Place the mirrors strategically so they reflect light and exude a positive vibe. Avoid placing a mirror directly across from the toilet. 
  • First-time homeowner – Did you just move into your new home or apartment? Chances are you might feel nervous about doing too much colorful décor. In this case, start with a neutral color pallet and paint then build from there as time goes forward. The great thing about neutral colors is they match with every accent color so it’s easy to decorate the space if you receive a few personalized housewarming gifts
  • Nature lover – Do you love to spend time outdoors? Bring the outdoors indoors with a beautiful picture of scenery from your favorite destination. Nature pictures can range from the mountains to the beach and everything in between. 
  • Vibrant color – Do you like to surround yourself with cheerful colors? Splash some spice into your life with bold colorful paint that boosts your mood. 
  • Colorful tiles – Did you just purchase a new home and need to remodel the bathroom? Choose colorful tiles that will last years into the future. 
  • Pet family – Do you have a dog or pets in the house? Chances are you are a proud pet parent that likes to display pictures of your dog in your home. Why not add cute pet portraits to your bathroom so their cute little face can cheer you up. You can turn your pet's pictures into a portrait at www.westandwillow.com 
  • Feminine power – Do you have your bathroom all to yourself? Create a feminine and pretty environment by displaying pictures of flowers. You can also coordinate the paint color on the walls with one of the colors of the flowers in the painting you choose. 
  • Kid-friendly – Children love cute bathroom ideas and hanging cute owls or other animal pictures in the bathroom helps children to feel at ease and relax in the environment. 

Using your creativity is essential to customizing your bathroom décor and making it feel welcome. Remember to choose the decor that exudes your personality and boosts your mood. Start decorating today!