5 Personalized Housewarming Gifts That Are Totally Unique

5 Personalized Housewarming Gifts That Are Totally Unique

Do you know a family member or friend that just moved into a new house or apartment? Moving into a home is a big moment in life and needs to be celebrated. Whether you are invited to a housewarming party or not it’s meaningful to get the new homeowners or renters a gift for their new home. An excellent way to show your love and support for their new home is with personalized housewarming gifts. 

Here are 5 customized housewarming gifts they will love: 

Picture Frame with Personal Photo Inside

Chances are you have a photo of the new homeowner(s) that perfectly expresses their true personality. Choose a candid picture from your photo album of the homeowner(s) laughing, smiling, and expressing joy. Once you have chosen a meaningful photo get it printed into the size you need to fit a frame. 

The frame size and style is your decision but it’s wise to choose a frame that will compliment and accent the new home. For example, if the new homeowner(s) have elegant home décor a silver frame will act as the perfect accent or accessory and can be placed anywhere in the home. 

The size of the photo depends on the size of the new home or apartment. For homes with small or narrow living rooms, choose frames that can hang on the center of a wall as a focal point or rest on tabletopsLarge homes look great with a variety of size frames ranging from small tabletop designs to super big.


Pet Portraits

Is there a furry family member at the new residence? If so, you can make them feel extra special by presenting their pet parents and new homeowners with a portrait of their lovely pets. When you think of a portrait you probably vision a dog sitting still for many hours as the artist captures every detail with a paintbrush. Instead, thanks to technology businesses like West & Willow can turn any picture of a pet into a beautiful portrait. 

You can choose the size of the portrait and present it to the new homeowners along with some fun pet goodies like tasty doggie treats and interactive treat-dispensing toys for their pets. These meaningful portraits are an excellent housewarming gift for dog lovers as well as cat lovers. 

If your new home-owner is a coffee or tea drinker, why not pair their pet portrait with a matching custom mug? For the person who loves their pet and staying awake through morning meetings. 

Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is the heart of the home even if the only thing you do is order from a meal delivery service and store bottles of wine. Whether the new homeowners are excellent chefs or enjoy takeout meals from a restaurant, kitchen gadgets are a necessity for every home. 

A personalized cutting board that says something special such as “home sweet home” or “Eat, Drink and be Married” gives the kitchen a special touch. A customized housewarming gift like a cutting board or a DIY pet food storage solution can be used on a daily basis while preparing meals or displayed in a special place to enjoy.


Favorite Snack Basket & Annual Membership

A personalized housewarming gift that continues all year is a monthly subscription snack basket membership. Every month the new homeowners will receive a gift basket of their favorite or new treats to try. There are a variety of snack subscription boxes to choose from that will impress the new homeowners and allow them to enjoy the tasty delivery every month. The key is to find the ideal snack box that suits their preferences. 


Here are a few tasty ideas that have popular snack box subscriptions: 

  • International treats – Did the new homeowners move to a different country and feel homesick for their favorite snacks? International treats usually include the most popular snacks from a particular country. This option will help comfort the homeowners by enjoying treats that remind them of home. 
  • Japanese snacks – Flavorful, sweet, and cute, Japanese treats are high in demand from people all over the world. These tasty treats can be delivered to the new homeowner’s door every month as something new for them to try or to indulge in their Japanese snack desires. 
  • Organic snacks – Do the new homeowners prefer an organic-only diet? There are plenty of organic snack services that offer tasty treats including sweet potato chips, banana chips, and vegetable chips. 


Front Door Welcome Mat

One of the first things you see as you approach a home is a doormat. The condition of the doormat, the design, and the picture or words printed on it are highly noticeable. Have you ever gone to someone’s house for the first time and rang the doorbell as you stood on a mat that says “keep out”? This saying sets a mood before you enter the door and it’s often negative. However, if you are standing on a mat that says “welcome” or “home sweet home” you feel comfortable and happy to be visiting your friends or family in the house. 

While most homeowners don’t put too much thought into a mat for their front door or porch, it is actually the first mood setter for visitors. This is why it’s important to choose a personalized matt that reflects the personalities of the new homeowners. 

Some businesses offer custom greetings to be printed on welcome mats. This is an excellent opportunity to personalize the gift. For example, if the new homeowners are Italian you can get the word “Ciao” printed on the mat. You can also be more creative by adding designs and famous quotes. 


How to Choose the Right Personalized Housewarming Gift 

Chances are you know the new homeowner very well to be invited to their housewarming party. However, there are times when new arrivals in the neighborhood or apartment building have a housewarming party and invite new neighbors to help get to know each other better. 

If you know the new homeowners and have a close relationship with them such as family members and friends, it’s a bit easier to choose a customized housewarming gift like the ones mentioned above. Just scroll through the photo album on your phone and you will surely come across fun pictures with the new homeowners and probably their pets too. You just need a frame and voila you have a personalized gift. 

You also have the luxury of knowing the new homeowner's favorite food and snacks. You can create a welcome basket that you put together yourself with wine, cheese, crackers, jams, olives, cured meats, or any of their favorite foods. Plus you can also sign them up for a monthly snack service. 

The key to choosing the right gift is to remember the new homeowner’s favorite things and build from that point then customize it along the way. For example, if the new homeowner loves their pets, a portrait of their fur babies will make them feel over the moon. They will proudly display this portrait in their new home for years to come! 

As mentioned earlier, there are times when you don’t know the new homeowners well but you plan to build a good neighbor friendship with them in the future. Giving them a unique gift is an excellent way to start on the right foot. 

In this scenario, you don’t know the people very well but you still want to get them a customized gift. This is when the personalized doormat gift comes into play. Every home needs a doormat but you can make it special by choosing the right words to print on the mat. 

For example, let’s say your new neighbors that just moved into the apartment across the hall carry around their yoga mat a few days a week. Chances are they enjoy yoga which can spark an idea for their mat to say “Namaste”. They will surely be surprised that you put so much effort into their gift even though you don’t know each other well yet. It’s an excellent way to create an immediate bond with your new neighbors. 

Another popular scenario is getting invited to a housewarming party at the last minute. What do you do for a gift? Well, before you run out and buy the typical bottle of wine as a gift, relax and order them a snack subscription box that keeps on giving once a month for an entire year! Or, create a gift basket of your own. 

The most important part of giving someone personalized housewarming gifts is to make sure it comes from your heart. 

Customized housewarming gifts are a special way to help homeowners feel like their new place truly belongs to their family. The time and thought process it takes to give someone a personalized housewarming gift shows you wish the new homeowners a happy healthy experience that is truly their own. 

If you are still having a difficult time choosing customized housewarming gifts, ask the new homeowners directly if they need anything specific for their new place, then put a personal twist on the gift. 

Start creating customized housewarming gifts today!