How To Incorporate Your Pet Into Any Interior Design Style

How To Incorporate Your Pet Into Any Interior Design Style

Pet-friendly interior design styles might sound like a luxury to most people, but you’ll be surprised to know that in 2019, the pet furniture market was valued at USD 2.21 billion. These statistics show that many pet owners love to ensure that their pets are well-kept and taken care of. Ever since the pandemic happened, more and more people have enjoyed pets’ company and love spending time with their furry friends. If you are looking forward to some amazing interior design styles, then you won’t be disappointed when you give this a read.

Interior Design Ideas For Pets Owners

Do you want to design a pet-proof space so your home can look more organized and spacious instead of cluttered? Here are a few aesthetic ideas that will wash away all your worries.

Create A Bed Space 

Are you among the 70% of households who own a pet and are worried about how you can keep your interior design styles intact? One of the foremost concerns most people have when they get a pet is where the pet will sleep. Before you invest in anything else, make sure you create a comfortable bed space for them.

For the perfect bedroom space, you can make use of the corners in the house as both cats and dogs love to snuggle. Empty out the bottom part of your cabinets, and set up a small mattress and some cushions so you can start training your pet to own their space.


Organize A Small Room For Accessories


Are you worried about your living room interior design styles turning into chaos because the pet accessories are lying here and there all day long? Well, if you dedicate one small room of your house to the accessories, it will solve all your problems. When working on the interior, make sure you build small cabinets so you can manage everything according to different pets, such as cats and dogs.

Stash away your pet toys, leashes, medicines, grooming kits, and other essentials in small drawers or cabinets. If you want to elevate the space, you could hang some pet art or get the walls painted with a paw design. Also, teach your pet to put away their toys in the same room when they are done playing.


Set Up A Safe Area

If you’re worried that your pets will bang into glass tables or smash your expensive vases, then incorporate a budget-friendly space that matches your décor. For your living room interior design styles, you could add many multi-colored cushions on the sofas, invest in higher shelves, and get some baskets for the walls and the tables. Also, ensure you don’t leave wires or any cords lying around the living room and tuck them away when you are done with work.


Keep Cat Litter Out Of Sight

If you don’t have a lot of space in your house, like a corridor or a balcony, then it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave cat litter around, especially if you have many pets. To avoid doing that, you can use a DIY food storage setup and place your food bowls and water inside the drawers themselves. This will help you keep the space clean and also allow you to conceal the cat litter. You can train your pets to sit and eat at a certain place instead of dropping food all over the house.


Add In Furry Walls

If your cats and dogs scratch their claws on the walls, it can leave visual marks, making them look unpleasant and untidy. If you don’t want that to happen, avoid a highly textured wall and opt for one that is satin or has semi-gloss paint.

This will keep your walls bright and shiny all the time. If you have a pet’s room in your house, how about you consider adding furry walls for your pets? When you add in a wall, they will love the space and leave other walls in the house alone.


Pay Attention To The Flooring

If you are into minimalist interior design styles, you should opt for easy-to-clean floors such as tiled floors. Ceramic and porcelain are good options because they are sealed and glazed and provide extra protection compared to other materials.

If you have a limited budget, then vinyl flooring is also water-proof, scratch-proof, and stain resistant, which will keep both you and your pets happy and satisfied. Also, invest in less expensive rugs because even if they get soiled, you won’t have any regrets and will be able to throw them away easily.


Plant Pet-Friendly Plants In The House 

Have you ever considered that toxic plants exist, and if one of your pets eats them accidentally, it could result in pet poisoning? If you want to avoid such a situation, then it is recommended that you do proper research before bringing in any kind of house plant.

Even if you have such plants at home, make sure you place them on higher shelves that are out of reach for the pets. Some pet-friendly plants include the Money Tree, Rattlesnake Plant, Spider Plant, African Violet, and Inch Plant.


Think Of A Pet Play Area

Keeping your pet’s routine in mind, you can think of setting up a pet play area as it will give them something to do with their time. This way, you will also be able to focus on your chores, knowing that the pets are having fun with their playtime.

Depending on your budget, you could get your pets some plastic balls, a small house, an inflatable swimming pool, or a seesaw of some kind. Look for ideas on the Internet and purchase whatever is suitable from a nearby pet store.